Duke Nukem 3D for Amiga, Mac, and MorphOS

3D Realms' all-time classic first-person shooter for Amiga (68k), MacOS X, and MorphOS (ppc)
  • Amiga: Retargable graphics and audio
  • Amiga: Native port, SDL is not required
  • Amiga: Massive amounts of code rewritten in 68k assembler
  • New: Amiga/MorphOS: graphical setup included
  • Mac: Packaged as an application bundle
  • Installed version of Duke Nukem 3D ATOMIC EDITION! Older versions won't work! For ordering informations take a look at 3DRealms, or try your luck at amazon...
  • Amiga: OS3.x (v39), AGA or Cybergraphics, AHI 4.x, lowlevel.library, 8MB (32MB recommended).
missing features for this version
  • network
  • music
  • exchanging savegames with the x86-version
Download Notes
  • Amiga/MOS: just decrunch the package into your Duke3d directory, use the setup, and start with the Duke3D-icon
  • Amiga: if you start duke from cli, don't forget to set the stacksize to at least 16384 bytes!
  • Amiga with AGA: Use BlazeWCP or a similar patch on native screen modes
  • We will happily include versions for WarpUP, OS4, AROS, etc. So don't hesitate to submit your changes.
  • md5sum of the game file that we were using:
    00776bd66a285ace80341fd91028d1fd DUKE3D.GRP
  • If you encounter crashes under MorphOS, try a newer version of lowlevel.library.

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